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Alpha Project Registered Charity Number (EIN) : 33-0215585

2019 Wheels of Change, by Alpha Project

Local and National Coverage

TV Coverage:

Wheels of Change: California Live TV show: 

Wheels of Change: Fox 5 San Diego Live

"Wheels of Change" offers part-time jobs, transportation for homeless


New program to offer part-time jobs to homeless

Daily Blast Live:

Top30 Live:


San Diego Homeless People to Earn Minimum Wage Cleaning Trash, Graffiti


Newspaper articles:

CNN: 5 people who inspired us: the teen who provides jobs for the homeless


The homeless in San Diego are getting jobs - thanks to a 16 year-old boy

SD Tribune:

TED talk, teenager led to homeless work program,amp.html


A TED talk inspires a 16 year old to start a nonprofit that puts homeless to work in San Diego

New program puts San Diego's homeless to work

Wheels of Change: Student touts a program to give homeless people work


Wheels of Change: Smart help for the homeless


San Diego homeless people to earn minimum wage cleaning trash, graffiti


Program giving city of San Diego's homeless $10-per-hour jobs


Wheels of Change: Bishop's Junior launches Pilot Program for the Homeless


San Diego pays homeless people to pick up trash in new program


San Diego Homeless Offered $11.50 an Hour for Trash Cleanup in New Program


San Diego Homeless People to Earn Minimum Wage Cleaning Trash, Graffiti


"Wheels of Change" offers part time jobs, transportation for homeless (

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