Wheels of change is currently running 2 vans 5 days per week, employing 100 people every week! 

Given the tremendous interest by the homeless in participating, our goal is to add a third van, and continue the expansion of our program. There is plenty of demand from our homeless community, and we want to give everyone a chance to work! 

To meet these goals, and to sustain our program long term, we are seeking the community's support. All donations to Alpha Project, a 501(c)(3), are tax deductible. We welcome any contributions! Thank you for your interest and support!! 

Vehicle Donation

Alpha project also accepts vehicle donations of all types and Wheels of Change specifically will need another van.  Please call 855-802-5742 or 855-80-ALPHA seven days a week. You may also visit vehicle donation for more information. 

Ways You Can Donate

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Can make a tax deductible donation to Kevin's GoFundMe page which links directly with Alpha Project's 501(c)(3)

Over the Phone

You are welcome to phone Alpha Project directly:


By Email

You may email Alpha Project to obtain more information at:

or donate directly.

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Alpha Project Registered Charity Number (EIN) : 33-0215585

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